Walmart’s “12 Days of Giving” Facebook Campaign

Walmart Facebook campaign of  “12 Days of Giving” is in full swing awarding over $1.5 million to nonprofits that were nominated by Facebook users.  At the end of the campaign, 145 grant recipients in all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico will be honored.  Walmart has rallied 25 nonprofits organizations to help with the campaign to fight hunger, receiving a total of $130,000 on the first day of giving.

Walmart’s 12-day call for submissions resulted in more than 5,400 nominations from Facebook users who shared photos and short descriptions of a nonprofit’s impact in its local community. A panel from the Walmart Foundation reviewed submissions and selected winners with a focus on organizations that are providing basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and baby supplies.

Nonprofits selected for the “12 Days of Giving”  campaign reflect some of the most pressing issues facing the US today.  Nominations consistently fell in several categories that will make up Walmart’s “12 Days of Giving” and are spotlighted on Walmart’s Facebook page daily through December 23:

  • Day 1: Fighting Hunger
  • Day 2: Building a Brighter Future
  • Day 3: Supporting Our Senior Population
  • Day 4: Providing Clothing
  • Day 5: Helping Communities Rebuild
  • Day 6: Overcoming Crisis Situations
  • Day 7: Providing Housing and Shelter
  • Day 8: Supporting Our Troops
  • Day 9: Rising Above Adversity
  • Day 10: Lending A Helping Hand
  • Day 11: Doing It All
  • Day 12: Honoring Our Heroes

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